40 Good Satire Topics Ideas for College Students

Looking for good satire topics to write about? Writing a satirical essay is one of the most challenging tasks because a writer has to provide a cohesive argument on a serious topic and do it using satire which is a literary device. When you write satire essays, you have to use a different approach than to writing numerous academic papers that every student has to create in each subject during their college career. You need to discuss an idea, a person or an event in a humorous or even a funny way. Satirical essays are a form of creative writing which requires specific skills that not all of us can boast of. In this article, we will give you some expert advice on how to find original satire topics ideas to write about at high school and college. Besides, you will find 40 amazing satire essay topics. Feel free to use them for your own works. Think that creative writing is too complex for you? You can buy a well-written paper on our website and sign with relief.

Expert tips on how to come up with topics for writing satire essay

So what is a satire essay? Dictionaries define satire is a form of rhetoric or a style of writing that uses humor, exaggeration, irony, and other literary devices to expose and criticize society’s flaws as well as popular and political problems, and to initiate changes for the better. Writers make fun of someone or something and often use exaggeration to mock human foolishness, stupidity or vice. You can use the word “satirize” to describe that. 

Different figures of speech make satire essays more engaging.

  • Using hyperbole can enhance the silliness of the subject that a writer discusses and helps emphasize their point. 
  • Using irony when a word is used to convey an opposite to its literal meaning is effective for conveying a critical message in a humorous way. 
  • Understatement helps make a person or a situation less important than they are.
  • Metaphors can create strong vivid images and add depth to any piece of writing.

The first step in writing a satirical essay is choosing a good satire topic. It’s always better to find satire topic idea that you have interest in and which is familiar to you so that you can explore it and form your own opinion about it while analyzing it in a humorous way. Besides, you should select a satire topic that is relevant to contemporary society. Then it will be possible to for you and for audience to draw parallel with real life. 

Here are some suggestions on where to find good satire topics.

  • Beginners may try to find inspiration in a historical context and get satire topics from the best satire literature examples. 
  • You can pick satire topics related to people and things in your daily life or write a satire related to some aspect of your school.
  • If you don’t want to mock your own family, you may like to create essays on satire topics related to family life in general.
  • If you prefer contemporary satire topics, you may focus on current events, politics, environmental or health issues, social media or celebrities. 

In fact the possibilities to find good satire topics are really endless. Need more suggestions for inspiration? Review interesting ideas below.

Political satire topics for college 

  1. What would have happened if Germany didn't invade Russia?
  2. Reasons why the death penalty should be allowed
  3. The role of elderly people in Brexit voting
  4. Why did Orwell choose to represent political figures as animals?
  5. Is democratic socialism the same as socialism?
  6. If Tony Stark ran for president, would he win?
  7. Why does North Korea have no Internet?
  8. Why won't comics deal with terrorism?
  9. Why did Trump get angry about Fox News? 
  10. How to spoil your career while you are in college?
  11. How gun control works in other countries
  12. How does interracial marriage affect their offspring?
  13. Can politicians be trusted?
  14. Comparison of Winnie the Pooh with Xi Jinping
  15. Advantages and disadvantages of freedom of speech
  16. Impact of ageing population on health system and services
  17. How do millennials engage in US politics?
  18. Can German citizens own guns?
  19. How did Donald Trump become president?
  20. What caused the tension between the Soviet Union and the US after the war?

Funny satire essay topics

  1. What practical skills should you have to survive a zombie apocalypse?
  2. How to avoid awkward silence on your first date
  3. What are the risks when using public WiFi?
  4. How much of what you learn in school is a waste
  5. How to not be annoyed by people that crap out of you
  6. Reasons why Marvel movies are better than DC
  7. What will humans do when robots take our jobs?
  8. Benefits of being a toxic person everyone’s trying to avoid
  9. Is alien invasion real and how can we prepare for it?
  10. Benefits of winning an argument with your soulmate
  11. Advantages and disadvantages of life without Internet
  12. What can cause a break up in a long-term relationship?
  13. Why K-pop should be banned in USA?
  14. Impact of social media on grammar and language
  15. How long can you wait for the first episode of new season of your favorite TV-series?
  16. What if Romeo and Juliet lived in 21st century?
  17. How do technologies affect our communication?
  18. When will robots start to take over the world?
  19. Pros and cons of being stay-at-home mom
  20. How to gain more followers on Instagram without being stupid

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