How to Write American Dream Essay: Easy Guide

Wondering what to write about in your American dream essay? The concept of the American dream plays an important role in American consciousness and culture so students are often assigned to write essays about it. Writing a strong essay about the American dream requires a good understanding of this concept which has changed over time and continues to evolve. That’s why many students often face difficulties when working on this piece of writing. If you are staring at a blank page on your screen unable to write a word, continue reading this article, where you will find essential information that will help you get started. If you think this topic is too challenging, you can also hire a professional writer and they will gladly provide you with a well-written paper example as quickly as possible. 

What is American dream?

Before you start writing an American dream essay, you need to look at the roots of this powerful sociological concept. It was introduced by the Founding Fathers who believed that each person has the right to be happy in their own way and this idea of happiness is a necessary driver of a prosperous society. That’s why the Government of this country should protect an equal opportunity for everyone to pursue their idea of happiness and their dream.

At first, American dream meant attaining material things but this definition of the success and happiness has changed throughout America’s history. This change was shown in a famous novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby where the author proves that happiness based on greed can’t be attained. Today’s definition of the American dream better reflects specific values shared by the majority of Americans. For a lot of people, happiness means living a meaningful life so they dream to focus on important things that really matter. They believe you can become happy when you make a contribution to entire society and local community, spend plenty of time with family and friends, and value beautiful nature. But of course, every person understands happiness in their own way so the American dream is different for everyone. 

How to choose topics for American dream essay

When choosing their own topic for an American dream essay, students can approach this concept from a variety of angles. You can speak about specific historical context for the American dream and show your deep understanding of the country’s history. For example, you can analyze some factors which had a significant influence on the development of the American dream as a concept and explain how this concept evolved. You can write an essay describing some specific events in the country’s history which demonstrate real possibilities of the American dream and its positive nature. 

Students who study literature can focus on literary implications of the American dream and speak about a character from a novel or a short story that represents the success in life and can serve as a perfect example of achieving the American dream. Besides, you can tell about a writer who portrayed their own perspective of the American dream in their work or analyze a specific poem or a story. 

Here is a short list of good topics about the American dream. Feel free to pick any of them.

  1. Give your own vision of the American dream
  2. Explain the use of literary devices in Great Gatsby for portraying the American dream.
  3. Do you know a person who has achieved their dream? Describe these achievements
  4. Can climate change affect the American dream?
  5. Do we need to create a new dream for Americans?
  6. Is the American dream only for Americans?
  7. Tell how access to education can help people achieve their dreams
  8. Compare dreams of your parents and grandparents and explain what the American dream means to you.
  9. Tell about Martin Luther King’s dream
  10. Factors which make the American dream possible

Tips on writing American dream essay

  • In order to write an effective essay about the American dream and work productively, you should create a detailed outline of what you are going to write. 
  • First, you need to create a clear and highly specific thesis statement. If your task is to define your own dream, you can tell about 3 ideals that your American dream includes. Then you can use each part of your thesis in a topic sentence for a separate paragraph in the body of your essay.
  • It’s important to start an introduction with a hook to engage your audience. It can be a provocative question, an interesting fact or statistics, an anecdote or a good quote. Keep in mind it must be relevant to the topic of the American dream.
  • Devote each paragraph to a specific idea of your argument. State it in a topic sentence, then provide some explanations and support it with relevant evidence and good examples. Finish each paragraph with a concluding sentence that includes transitional words and phrases. They will help your readers follow your argument and see your logic. 
  • If you use quotes about the American dream to support your ideas, you should do it sparingly. Try to paraphrase or explain them using your own words. Don’t forget to cite all sources according to a specific style guide to avoid plagiarism. 
  • Restate your thesis statement in the paper’s conclusion. You may also emphasize significance of the American dream for the future of this country.

As you see writing an impressive American dream essay requires strong writing and critical thinking skills and abilities to argue from your own perspective with strong evidence. That’s why it’s quite natural that you may consider this academic assignment too challenging. There is nothing wrong in it. If you are stuck with your paper, contact our essay writing service. We have lots of professional writers who are ready to help cope with any problem and create a powerful paper about the American dream. Order your perfect American dream essay and enjoy your student life!