How to Write Outstanding Essay about Family: Quick Guide and 30 Great Topics

Have no idea of what to write about in your essay about family? Essays about family, love, and relationships belong to personal essays. Teachers typically assign them to students to check their abilities to describe their emotions and feelings to parents and other members of the family, tell about their personal life experience, family values, and traditions. Papers about family are common assignments for high-school and ESL students. Completing them helps students improve their English writing skills. Besides, you can choose this topic for your college application essay and write about your family problems and how they taught you to meet different challenges. In this article, you will find easy writing tips that will help you cope with this type of paper and 30 good essay topics for inspiration. Still, if you find this task too challenging to complete, you can order a strong sample of essay about family written by a highly-experienced professional writer.

Effective tips on how to write essay about family

When writing a personal essay about family, you need to tell readers about your own experience and explain what impact those events had on your life and development as a personality. You can’t achieve that goal without proper planning of each part of the essay. That’s why you should spend some time brainstorming lots of ideas about family and thinking about important events in your life which can help you illustrate or support an argument. 

  • To organize your ideas about family into an outline, you should create a strong and highly specific thesis statement which will guide you through the writing process. The thesis statement is the main idea of your paper and you should support it with at least 3 important supporting ideas related to different aspects of the thesis statement. You will have to discuss these supporting points in separate paragraphs.
  • Think about an engaging introduction where you introduce your topic and present the thesis statement. It’s crucial to grab your audience’s attention from the very beginning so it’s better to start your paper with a hook, for example, an interesting fact or anecdote from your family life, a beautiful and inspiring quote about mom or dad etc. 
  • Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence which introduces a supporting point. Explain the idea in detail and illustrate it with relevant facts from your family experience. Support all points with interesting examples that prove your point of view. Wrap up the arguments in each paragraph with a concluding sentence that summarizes everything. 
  • Make sure you use transition words and phrases to help your audience follow the paper’s logic and make the essay about family more engaging. You can find a good transition words list here
  • Write an effective and well-structured conclusion that sums up the arguments. Don’t include any new points into this part of a family essay.
  • Revise the paper and make necessary changes to improve its content, logic, and style. When you are satisfied with the final draft, proofread it to eliminate possible spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes and typos. Do your best to polish the paper and make it error-free. 

Follow these essential steps when creating essay about family on any topic.

How to come up with family essay topic ideas

Choosing an interesting topic is always a challenging task, especially when you have to write of something personal. It may take a lot of time. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of 30 good family essay topics which are suitable for creating impressive high-school papers and for writing college application essays as well.

  1. What are your family’s top ethical values?
  2. What do family relationships mean to you?
  3. Tell about your relative whom you respect most of all and explain the role of that person in your life. 
  4. What is the role of family in the contemporary society? 
  5. Tell about your relationship with your brother or sister. 
  6. What kind of person is your mom/dad? Why are they special?
  7. What are advantages and disadvantages of running a family business?
  8. How can lack of family values affect family lives?
  9. What do you think about modern views on family and marriage?
  10. Why are pets often treated as family members?
  11. How did technology change today’s family life?
  12. Discuss influence of religion on family life and parenting
  13. It is possible to have a happy family without having biological children?
  14. Explain how good traditions help improve family relationships
  15. What is the best way to spend a family holiday and turn it into a memorable experience?
  16. Is your family friendly? What makes you think so? 
  17. Is adopting children a good way to build a happy family?
  18. What is your vision of an ideal family life?
  19. What is your most memorable childhood experience?
  20. What are the causes of conflicts in your family? What do you do to overcome them?
  21. What are the most important things that parents can teach their children?
  22. What is your attitude to child-free movement?
  23. How can parents develop good relationships with their children?
  24. Is surrogacy a noble thing?
  25. What sacrifices do parents make to give their children a better life?
  26. Discuss a famous quote related to parents’ love to their children
  27. Who should take care of elderly relatives?
  28. What are you thankful to your parents for?
  29. Do siblings always share the same moral values?
  30. What is your first childhood memory?

Feel free to use these powerful topics for writing your own narrative, descriptive, and argumentative papers about family. Not sure that you can cope with this type of assignment and write an engaging paper that will make a great impression on your audience? No problem. Experienced writers from our professional essay writing service will gladly offer you a helping hand 24/7. Just tell them about the topic and your teacher’s requirements. Our talented writers will provide you with a perfect piece of writing that will help you impress your teacher and get a high grade.